In a meeting in our excessive network of architects and designers, one point of the agenda was micro-apartments, we then start talking about LEGO®. Everybody has been building with these world-wide well-known bricks. We and our children belong to the Lego generation. But can you also live in an enlarged brick, was the question?


The Lego brick is 1,58x3,8x0,96 cm. WLH. With an enlargement of 2.430 times The Brick will have a measurement to make it possible to live in it, and a footprint of 26,3 m2.


Architecture is not sculpture; but with this result, this building would stand out from what else is available in Student Micro Apartment.


The buildings look as if it hovers, as the lower part of the facade is made of polished steel which give the mirror effect.


We have shown our project to some European sculpture parks, which have an interest in making an exhibition under the theme of "useful sculpture", an at the same time making a political and public statement to the many missing accommodation for students and single, and not only that, the first Kindergarten is on the drawing board.