Welcome to IBOX, a micro apartment designed for urban living. It's innovative - inspiring - intelligent and inventive, and every cm2 is pristinely engineered to an exceptional small designed home that contains everything you need and nothing you don't..

As more people are living alone, the costs of rental accommodation are soaring in many urban areas. Not only is the demand for payable living space in big cities like New York, London or Berlin much higher than the supply, but also in the university cities of the world students cannot afford accommodation which jeopardises their chances of a successful completion of their studies.

The answer is more micro-apartments otherwise known as pocket-living.

IBOX Development has created a new innovative and stylish product line specifically for single unit rentals. Its unique assembly method has created a milestone in modern modular building.

Modern modular building offers the solution for affordable single living.

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The interest in investing in micro-apartments for rental or resale is exploding. For investors who are interested, please send us your details and we will keep you informed about new sites and developments

One IBox for 2 Micro-apartments

SMART LIVING with movable walls. 

"Congratulation on your product IBOX for student homes. Such a metropolitan, highly customizable, architecturally and thought-out appealing architectural has a future place in our cityscape."




     University Prof. Dr. Architect Wolfgang Böhm

                 Founder member of the Foundation Future Urban Forum Dr. Wolfgang Böhm


Founder member of the Fundation urban future forum

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